About Us

Our Mission

At Urbano Coffee Co, our mission is to offer you the best Espresso coffee.

The coffee is roasted in a traditional way. This  ensures the freshness of the beans as well as the aromas.
Because of his meticulousness, the master roaster examines, sorts and carefully selects his beans.  He then elaborates his recipes and the roasting process then begins.  After the roasting, the coffee will rest between 7-10 days depending on the blend.  The master roasters’ know-how and timing is what creates his unique recipes and flavors.

Our Beans

Freshly roasted, we offer you the best coffee selections either in whole beans or in ground.

We source our green beans from many regions of the world. Some of these are listed below.

African Continent: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ouganda, Zimbabwe.
South Asia: India, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia
Latin America: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Hondoras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico.